Man faces almost two decades for 16 mile high speed chase

In Worcester County, a 16 mile long high speed chase traveling the wrong way down Route 113 has the suspect, Garland Moss, spending almost 20 years behind bars. 

It's a sentence that wouldn't have been possible without the numerous 911 calls and deputies who risked their lives to run Moss off the road.

On October 27, 2017, 911 calls were flooding in from drivers scared for their lives traveling on Route 113.

"There were countless lives that could have been absolutely ruined by the reckless actions of Mr. Moss," explains Interim Worcester County State's Attorney Bill McDermott. 

It's a scene that looks like it could be in a movie, unfortunately it was the frightening reality for over 100 cars traveling on Route 113 that day. 

Garland Moss took police on a dangerous 16-mile high speed chase, driving recklessly on the wrong side of the road. 

"Mr. Moss acted with such reckless disregard for the sanctity for human life." 

One Worcester County Sheriff's deputy right on Moss' tail, doing what he could to try and warn drivers.

"Deputy Musgrave was an absolute hero that day because he was in an elevated Tahoe with giant flashing blue lights and a really loud siren and but for Deputy Musgrave following this small black Pontiac, because it raised its speeds over 100 mph on 113, people wouldn't have known to get out of the way." 

One could call it a miracle that no one was hurt, but despite the lack of causalities, everyday citizens made it clear that Moss needed to reap the consequences of his actions.

One 911 caller saying, "I'm just calling to say when you guys get that person please prosecute to the fullest. I could have been head on collided right then and lost my life I have my daughter in the front seat with me." 

Calls that the Worcester County courthouse heard loud and clear putting Moss behind bars for 17.5 years.

McDermott adds, "During that call she says I just want someone to know prosecute him to the fullest. I don't know who that woman is, I don't know who that woman's child is but I want that woman to know because we don't know her name. I want her to know that we listened to her that we listened to her advice and we wanted her to know that we did prosecute him to the fullest." 


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