Local group looks to raise awareness about potential Eastern Shore Pipeline

On Monday members of the no eastern shore pipeline group took to the streets of Salisbury hoping to educate the community about the potential of a natural gas pipeline coming to the area.

"The projects are dangerous, they're dirty, they're rushed, they destroy private property, they destroy waterways," said group member Cristi Demnowicz.

Currently, The Delmarva Pipeline Company is hoping to bring a natural gas pipeline to the peninsula that would travel through the nine counties of Maryland's Eastern Shore to Accomack County. The goal? To increase the capacity and diversity of natural gas in the region.  

"I think that we've had a gas pipeline running down the heart of the eastern shore for several decades now with no issues so I think it's already been proven to be a very safe, electric heating source," said Delegate Carl Anderton.

For nearly two hours group members stood out on the streets of Salisbury waving, cheering, and holding signs like this one, in hopes of raising awareness about the potential pipeline project and what it could do to their communities.

"That is not something that the eastern shore needs, there's a lot of beautiful things on the eastern shore and we don't need it all dug up and destroyed by a pipeline that's essentially for private profit," said Demnowicz.

But supporters say the expansion could open a window of opportunities for the eastern shore.  

"Not to mention the economic benefit, of job creation opportunities, not only the during the construction phase but the maintenance phase of the proposed pipeline. This is going to offer a service to a part of the eastern shore that desperately needs it, and I think its great," said Anderton.

Although still in its early stages members add the sooner residents become educated about the issue, the better chance they have of stopping the new project from coming to the area.

"If people in the community get involved it's the kind of thing that we can actually change and decide that we don't want this for our community," said group member Laura Henderson.


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