Local filmmakers create love documentary on the Eastern Shore

A local filmmaking team is on a mission to meet with people who love their home and want to share that with the world.

The team is putting the different messages together with the creation of a documentary called, "Love Letters to the Shore." 

"What we have done is that we have accumulated about 30 to 40 different groups of people and stories that we are going to film over the next two or three months," said the SNM Global Holdings CEO and executive producer of the documentary, Troy Lowman.

Lowman, who is a native of Sudlersville, said the idea was born after he realized that he did not have enough words to describe what makes the Eastern Shore a special place to live.

"I am from the Eastern Shore, and I have traveled a lot in my job all over the world and wherever I go people have a tough time pinpointing where I am from," said Lowman.

"Most people love their hometown, [but] we just love our hometown a little bit more, and I feel that if people see what kind of people we are over here, they’ll want to come visit," said Lowman.

One of the subjects of the documentary is a lady from Kent Island who is known as Wander Woman. 

She said she has traveled the world, but that there is no better feeling than the love she gets from her community on the shore.

"We want to convey how living on the shore is a romance," said Stacy Bernstein. 

"I travel the world, and there isn’t a continent I haven’t been on, but I always come back here [because] this is my home," said Bernstein. 

According to Lowman, the new documentary will be released some time during the end of 2018. Some of the places where the filming will take place include Easton and Kent Island. 

The team's next stop will be in Centreville in August, and they will be looking for more locals who want to share their love message to the shore. For those who are interested, they should contact Lowman at the SNM Global Holdings website.

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