Indian River School District seeking new member for budget committee

Indian River School District is seeking new member for committee

"One of the things we want is to be as transparent as all possible."

The Indian River School District is looking for the ideal candidate to join its budget committee. 

Mark Steele the district superintendent said, "People wanna know are they getting their best bang for their buck, and this committee has that opportunity to make sure that it does."

The Indian River School District wants to ensure taxpayers that the right people are handling your hard earned money but more importantly going to the right place.

Steele said, "We have built in what we think are pretty air-tight financial policies. We post all of our audits online."

The district also tells us they hope that by allowing this online access, they will gain taxpayers' trust. 

Steele also said, "The transparency part of building trust, that is my job as superintendent to do just that."

The committee is searching for some one in the coastal Selbyville area to take over the position since they already have representation from all the other districts in their area. The district hopes that by finding this candidate they will best represent the entire district map.


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