Inaugural Soundwave Music and Arts Festival kicks off in Pittsville despite rain

Local bands and artists across Delmarva are packing up their gear and heading to the eastern shore preparing to perform for dozens of people over the next three days at the inaugural Soundwave Music and Arts Festival in Pittsville. 

"It's all about the bands that play around Ocean City, Berlin, and around the area even Annapolis and regionally coming in for one day where they all get to play together," said event director Brad Hoffman.

Day one of the festival started out a bit wet but festival members weren't going to let a little bit of liquid sunshine rain on their parade.

"We can get everybody right inside our facility here and we have a rock 'n' roll movie show going on in there and that's with our vendors are and we have been playing inside and outside so the weather really can't stop us," said Hoffman.

At the three day festival, games, beer, good food and more will all be available for families to enjoy.
But organizers tell us this festival isn't just about the people coming to hear great music, it's also about creating a launch pad for local artists. 

"Any musician knows it's tough to actually break out especially nationally best thing you can do is kind of like get groups where showcase your talent together on a local venue," said festival goer Nathan Adamus.

"To bring them all together I think there's something great about bringing multiple bands together for a festival that's totally different than going to a local bar in seeing a band," said Hoffman.

And so far the festival has been a billboard number one for locals. 

"Even if it's different genres you know it could be like hip-hop and then rock or whatever blues and that everybody is sort of working together to promote each other's music, it's really cool," said Adamus.

Event organizers of the festival say they're certain they'll be able to make some good revenue from the three day event. Hoffman says he's not sure how much they'll make this year but he's planning to use the funds to start planning for next year's festival. He adds that if all goes well he'll use the money to donate to local charities along the eastern shore.

"This year we're just trying to make this thing work, get a lot of eyeballs on it, see the light of day on the money side of it and in the future we definitely will look at what charitable components we can tie in. I'm always open to working with nonprofits creating some kind of revenue stream for them and if there's any nonprofits in the area that want to come out this weekend tell them to come see me and will let them have a booth," said Hoffman.

One-day passes for the music festival are $25 and children ages 12 and under are free if they're accompanied by an adult.

If you haven't had a chance to make it out to today's festival you've still got some time. Music performances and activities will be going on until about 8 PM. Then the festival will open up again on both Saturday and Sunday with music acts starting at 11:30.



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