Festival draws thousands to help local museum

Saturday marked the tenth annual Peach Festival in Berlin.  The festival attracts about 4,000 people, and it all benefits at the Taylor House Museum, which is where the festival is held.

The museum is an all wooden structure with a downstairs that is constructed to resemble what it would've looked like in 1832, with an upstairs that showcases Berlin history.

We're told the Harrison family, who works extensively with the museum, was the reason for the celebration of peaches.

"They were the number on peach sellers in Worcester County in the early 1900s.  And they ran peach orchards from 1900s to 1962," said Berlin Heritage Foundation president Jan Quick.  "And then there was a peach blight and things happened so times change.  But they were as we'll known at the turn of the century as burped seed is today."

Now the Berlin Heritage Foundation is always looking for donations to help with the upkeep of the museum.  If you want to help out you can donate at TaylorHouseMuseum.org.

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