Farmer keeps local history alive through sawmilling business

Thousands of trees grow on Delmarva, but you'd never guess that inside them there's something more to discover.

One local farmer has found hundreds-of-years-old wood and is now transforming it into tables and shelves that help to reflect their long history on the shore.

"You know you can find hundreds of year old trees that just have so much character and uniqueness even sawing them up I love when you open up the log you can find either just like beautiful grain or the pattern of the grain," said Jakob Walter III. 

Walter said that by sawing wood from other farmers, he's found old relics like bullets and nails.

"Even though it's bad on the mill you can find old nails from way back or lead bullets from hunting or target practicing you never know what you're going to find inside," said Walter.

"It's always an adventure milling up trees and seeing what the insides like," he said.

One local farmer says the new business has already made an impact on their community.

"We were doing a demolition together when he was working for me, and I was tearing an old house in Crisfield, and it was a big old house and as I was bringing down the roof in the attic some long planks cans tumbling out," said AJ King. 

"That Christmas he came very, with a lot of pride, he brought me a table with iron legs that he made [from the planks]," said King.

Walter says he hopes that by letting his son watch him, he too will pass on their knowledge for future generations.  

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