“Enchantments of Life” event raises money for Brooke Mulford Foundation

Brooke Mulford Foundation 

"No matter what she was going through, she wanted to help others." Amy Mulford is Brooke Mulford's mother.  

Born and raised in Salisbury Maryland, Brooke Mulford was a young girl full of life, energy, and compassion. She diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma at just four years old.

Throughout her short time on this earth, Brooke bravely fought cancer with a trademark smile on her face.

Amy said,  "She smiled through the most horrific things she was going through."

Sadly, Brooke lost her battle early June of last year. Now, she leaves behind a legacy of hope, charity, and strength inspiring Megan Wharton, a family friend, to host Sunday's "Enchantments of Life" fundraising event.

Meghan said,  "I watched their struggle. Amy is a big inspiration to me. It was remarkable what Brooke did in the time that she was here."

Brooke's favorite Disney princesses paid a visit to Sunday's event among many other vendors and organizations looking to raise money for the cause.

This event all benefits the Brooke Mulford foundation, which raises money for childhood cancer, and started "Brooke's Toy Closet" at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Amy Mulford said,  "This was a passion of Brooke's from the time she was four years old. This was a vision she had of starting this toy closet at the hospital."

The foundation tells us Brooke made it her mission to make sure children battling cancer always have a toy to play with. On Sunday, the only cost to get into the event was a "toy" to add to the closet.

Amy also said,  "She has that legacy now of the toy closet. She's helping kids everyday by making their stays better in the hospital."

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