Downtown businesses ready for street construction to conclude

Small businesses in Salisbury are ready the construction to be complete on East Main Street. Constant road work has been the scene in downtown Salisbury for nearly two years now, after the city started an entire street reconstruction project.

It was supposed to only take a year, but now that has nearly doubled. Construction that some local stores tell 47 ABC has really hurt their business. The good news is that the end is near.

Wesley Cox, Senior Advisor for SVN Miller Commercial Real Estate, which is right on the East Main Street, "We've really had no negative affect from what we do, but I know other local businesses have been negatively affected. But since they opened up the street parking they've had a big boost in business and morale so we're really seeing a means to an end here." 

The first portion of this complete street transformation is complete and the city is hoping to have the final phase finished in the coming weeks. 

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