Delaware towns go teal to raise awareness about ovarian cancer

LEWES, Del – We’re one day away from jumping into the month of September, and if you’ve been driving through the Rehoboth and Lewes areas you may have seen a teal ribbon or two tied around the towns. September is known as ovarian cancer awareness month and the ribbons are being put up as a reminder for women young and old to get tested and listen to their bodies. The national campaign also known as turning the towns teal promotes awareness of the disease and its symptoms.

“They do not have to have ovaries to get ovarian cancer, they still have to pay attention to their bodies. If there’s something wrong, you’re going to know and seek help. As women we’re the last ones to seek help. We don’t do it,” said ovarian cancer representative Henrietta Belcher –Stack.

If you want to learn more about ovarian cancer organizers have put informational pamphlets inside businesses across towns in Delaware including Rehoboth, Lewes, Georgetown, and Milton.


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