Delaware Standardized test scores lower than previous year

Delaware department of education just released standardized test scores. These scores are significantly lower than the year before 2017. 

The scores revealed that less than half of students between grades three and eight are where they need to be.

Those students are not at grade level in areas of math and English. 

The Smarter Balanced Assessment, Delaware's state test, saw approximately 54 percent of students score proficient in English and language arts and 44 percent tested proficient in math. 

The people we spoke to say these test scores don't prove much in terms of their children's education. One Sussex county resident we spoke to said, "Each student learns in a very different way." She also said, "While I can see the point in having standardized testing, I think that it doesn't define who they are and what classes they should be in." 

The test began in 2015 for students and numbers scores are slightly larger from when it first started.  Even with the low scores, the Delaware Department of Education says it will continue to support its students and teachers.

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