“Break Thru Bullying” to attend inaugural Delmar Blue Light Night

The inaugural "Delmar Blue Light Night" will be taking place Friday at State Street Park.

This event will be open to the public and was designed to build a stronger community.

In attendance will be the creator of a movement called Break Thru Bullying.

The Delmar Police Department invited the creator, Trevor Howard, to attend so he could give the community confidence to stand up to bullies and instead spread kindness by encouraging people to support one another.

Howard hopes he will contribute to the community feel of this event, and urges people to make it out.

Howard said, "I just would like for people to get more involved with the community. That's what it is all about, is just standing together and just comradery, brotherhood, sisterhood, that type of thing, so hopefully we have a good turnout!"

The event will be taking place at 5PM at State Street Park in Delmar on Friday and the family friendly event is free to attend.

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