Beach replenishment finishes up in Fenwick Island

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers finishes up beach replenishment

Beach goers were turned away from Fenwick Island as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finished the last of the dredging and beach filling done Delaware beaches. 

The process began back in 2005 to help protect the beaches and the properties behind them from storms.

To do that, workers pumped sand onto the beaches to create man made dunes. Workers pumped the sand through pipes onto the beach and created dunes.

Beach goers we spoke with say they're happy to see the work finally complete. Chip Kraus said, "I think its really going to be helpful for future generations and they've done a fantastic job.

The Army Corp of Engineers is reminding people that they'll also be working on other minor projects this summer, such as replacing  public beach entry points, so don't be surprised to if there are additional beach closures. 

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