Two years later: Eden puppy mill suspects have yet to go to trial

"There was so much ammonia in the air from urine that my eyes were burning," exclaims Aaron Balsamo, Executive Director for Wicomico County Humane Society. 

It's been over two years since Balsamo has walked the Eden property on Cooper Road that housed hundreds of dogs living in squalor, but his memories remain crystal clear.

"There's no real written protocol for something that big. We were pulling animals out of the different buildings, we were taking shifts to give ourselves, give our eyes, give our noses, give ourselves a break from it and get some fresh air," explains Balsamo.

310 dogs were rescued from the Eden property on April 6, 2016. Despite the time that has passed, not much has changed at this residence but the same could be said for the Murphy's. 

Robert and Susan Murphy were charged with nearly 100 counts of animal cruelty on July 11, 2016, but they have yet to go to trial.

In April 2017, Robert was deemed incomponent to stand trial after suffering from a stroke and Susan's trial has been postponed five times already.

Balsamo tells 47 ABC, "For me it's a matter of the legal process and you know if  continuances have to happen or postponements have to happen, you know it's the legal system we have." 

"No matter how anybody feels about this whole situation, she gets her day in court and you know everything will go through at that point," he adds. 

Although things may be hung up in the legal system, there is a light at the end of this horrible story. The dogs rescued have nearly all been adopted and have all been given a second chance at a happy life. 

"If I run into somebody and they tell me 'I adopted one of those dogs' I ask them how the dog is and you know I always hear back the dogs doing great and how happy they are to have that dog in their life." 

And even though Balsamo vividly remembers that day and the deplorable conditions the dogs were living in, he also remembers the community that banded together to help.

"The initial outpour of support that we had from the community, it left me speechless and you know it still does." 

Susan Murphy's new trial date is set for October 29, 2018. 

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