Rare surprise set to hatch on Fenwick Island

Visitors and residents in Fenwick Island got quite the surprise Sunday morning.

They had the chance to experience a rare sighting that many will never get to see, a loggerhead turtle heading back to sea.

But what makes this experience even more unique is that the loggerhead turtle had just laid 78 eggs.

It's something that hasn't been done since 2011, according to the Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute. 

But this rare sighting is also a great reminder for folks to keep their distance from sea animals. 

"If people see a marine animal or sea turtle they do need to keep a distance. As thrilling as it is to see them, they'll be under stress by the approach of the human so we need to keep 150 feet from these animals minimum and 300 maximum from sea," explains MERR Institute Exec. Dir. Suzanne Thurman.

According to Thurman, these turtle eggs are now being monitored to make sure they stay safe and will most likely hatch in about 45 days. 

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