Possible scams at Sleep Cheap in Laurel

A possible scam is brewing in Laurel. A business that is supposed to be selling mattresses is causing customers to lose some sleep. 

We got a tip from a viewer that several customers ordered items from Sleep Cheap but were still left empty handed weeks later. Customers have been dealing with unanswered calls and an empty building slapped with a sign that says "Closed Today".

A few weeks back, Sleep Cheap announced they were closing up and they were having a big sale. 

While 47 ABC was there, three different customers, who didn't want to get on camera, came looking for answers on where their products were that they paid for. 

One customer, Bre’ona Deshields says, "I've been here since Saturday. I came Saturday, they had that closed sign Sunday, Monday, today. Nobody is still here."

One customer threw down $1,000 another paid $900 bucks. All four customers telling us similar stories. 

While we were there, Delmarva Power also pulled up. 

According to the energy company, Sleep Cheap got their power turned off Wednesday because they hadn't paid their bills for some time. 

47 ABC also reached out to the owners, but there's been no word on what's going on just yet. 

On LinkedIn, we saw that Dana Santana was the owner of Sleep Cheap. She responded to 47 ABC that she was able to speak Thursday but when we asked for an interview Wednesday, we were left without a response. 

We've also seen on social media that there could be a male counterpart as a co-owner, but have not been able to confirm that. 

There is a Sleep Cheap in Dover, but we're told they are not affiliated. Despite that, they tell us their phones have been ringing off the hook due to endless complaints about the Laurel location.  

As for customers, they're hoping their concerns will be resolved soon. 

On Thursday, Dana Santana, owner of Sleep Cheap in Laurel, issued the following statement:

"First I would like to apologize. The company had a very difficult time transitioning with getting New inventory in during the store closing sale. But we have product coming back in and we will be opening back up on the 16th of  July. I understand that some people are upset and rightfully so. I will do whatever is needed to satisfy those customers. I am willing to refund any one that would like a refund. We are still able to fill the orders that are outstanding for the people that chose to keep there orders. I understand that when a store is closing people get nervous, and I should have done a better job notifying the customer for that I am very sorry.  If you would like for anyone that would like a refund to email me personally at refundfromsleepcheap@gmail.com. Please email me the first and last name on the invoice along with the phone number on the invoice, and also a contact number. I will be calling each person that emails me and making sure everyone is satisfied with a refund or their product."

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