New prescription drop off site now available in hopes of reducing available opioids

Part of the battle against opioids is trying to get the drugs off the streets that were legally purchased and are no longer being used.

To help with that goal, the Worcester County Sheriff's Office donated a new drug dispensary drop-off site to Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin.

Before this new drop-off site, it was difficult for folks to drop off their unused prescription drugs.

By supplying the hospital with this 24-7 site, the hope is there will be fewer opioids lying around, and help curb the recent epidemic of addiction.

"The statistics are out there to show that a lot of people that take opioids, especially for non-medical purposes, get them from a friend or a household member, especially teenagers," said Atlantic General Hospital pharmacist Karan Bealla.  "So the less medications that are laying in people's homes, in medicine cabinets, the better."

The new drop-off site is located in the main lobby, and will also help environmentally.

While the vast majority of commonly prescribed medications can be disposed of through the Medsafe Drug disposal receptacle, certain restrictions.  Items unacceptable for disposal include aerosol sprays, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, needles, syringes or sharps containers, more than four ounces of liquid, trash, mercury thermometers, batteries, chemicals, or durable medical equipment supplies.

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