Mobile home park residents voice concerns after receiving delayed boil water advisory

"So far they've done more damage than good and they really have made our lives here a lot harder," said resident Zane Annis.

Residents of the Walston Mobile Home community in Salisbury say they're losing hope after a Florida based real estate investor, who purchased their property in the fall, promised them a brighter future for their neighborhood.

"At first I was all for the new management. I thought a bigger corporation would come in and fix the problems that we've had here for a while but the way they are going about everything, it's wrong," said Annis.

Since Sunrise Capital Investors took over the property, residents say there's been little to no improvement in their community, but the rent however has skyrocketed.

"So far they put up white fences in very small sections and then all of a sudden hey your rent is 100 dollars more now," said resident Jordan Townsend.

"The quality of living here has gone down, while the price has gone up," said Annis.

To add more fuel to the fire homeowners say they're facing another issue that's affecting their quality of life. Earlier this month they received a notice to take precautionary measures for their drinking water. But residents say they found out a little too late.

"The water had already been used to brush teeth, cook, and etc., and my main concern is that people were using this water that had no idea that they were not supposed to be using the water at the time," said Townsend.

A boil water advisory was dated to have been sent out to community members of the trailer park back on Friday the 13th but residents  say they didn't receive that notice until the day after and that's causing some major concerns. And some say now they have no choice but to drink out of and brush their teeth with bottled water.

"It was a day after their pretty much finished with everything they're pretty much wrapping up the whole thing and then they want to decide to tell us oh yeah by the way you might want to boil your water after the whole fact? No,"said Annis.

On Monday 47 reached out to officials managing the property for a comment regarding resident's concern, but all we were told was that the water was now safe to drink and that they would not comment further on the matter. As for these homeowners, they won't stop until their voices are heard.

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