Lifeguards: Beware of the Jetty!

swimmers swim clear of the jetty.

Rehoboth Beach patrol wants beach-goers to remember: Beware of the Jetty!

Lifegaurds tell 47 ABC that the most common source of injuries at Rehoboth Beach doesn't come from rip currents, but actually from people getting knocked into the jetty.

Guards say more often than not, jetty injuries can result in an E-R visit. Certainly unwanted for a beach day. 

That's why lifeguards tell us its so important to swim as far as possible from them to prevent getting knocked into it or ripped under. 

Analucia Villabona a lifeguard said, "If the current is going near the jetty you would be surprised how easily it is for someone floating to be ripped right into it."

Ray Peden, another lifeguard said,  "If you get close to that jetty and the tide is headed toward the jetty you're going to get rammed up against the jetty and you're going to get cut."

Lifeguards say if you see a red flag next to the jetty, that means absolutely no swimming near the area.

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