Farmers are planting underwear to raise awareness on soil health

Farmers are known to plant corn, soybeans, but now they're planting something else. Underwear!

It's a new challenge to showcase crop practices. It's called  the "Soil Your Undies" Challenge and it's a way to show farmers how healthy their soil really is. 

Farmers are planting 100% cotton Tighty Whities six-inches deep. And if the soil is up to par, earth worms and microbes in a healthy soil should break down the cotton underwear.

The Sussex Conservation District is behind this fun demonstration. Their main goal? To raise awareness on soil health. 

Sussex Conservation District Coordinator, David Baird says, "Soil health is the key everything for the farmer. That's their lifeline, they rely on that to grow their crops, that provides them with an income."

Farmers planted several underwear at the end of June and we're told they'll dig them up August 14.  

If they're covered in holes, it's an indicator of good soil. 



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