Demand for more volunteer firefighters in Delaware

It is no secret that the population swells in many places during the summer, and the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company is feeling the stress of the summer heat a little more than usual.  

"The traffic that we're fighting every day on the roads is getting worse and worse each year, and as such the demands of emergency services increases as well," said Volunteer Firefighter, Jason McCabe.

"So far this year, we've answered right around 350 EMS calls," said McCabe.

Volunteer firefighters don't get paid for their service and have to make a living at their own full-time jobs. This means any volunteer hours can eat into their free time, and that is why they are searching for more help.

"I'm captain of the dive team, so I had ten members, and we're down to six now because people had to leave for jobs," said Volunteer Firefighter, Matthew Gajdos. 

"It does put different challenges for us, but we're able to overcome that with getting new members in," said Gajdos.

Some benefits that come with volunteering include a state income tax credit, a pension for their service and payments for disabilities received in the line of duty. 

According to Gajdos, the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company is also seeking help in fundraising to update some of their older equipment. 

Those interested in volunteering can visit the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company social media.

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