Delmarva locals become host families for NYC children

"We're so excited to have him back there's some traditions we do each year," said host family member Julie Lane.

One by one kids from the big apple stepped off this bus and stepped into their new home at least for the next two weeks, greeted by smiles and hugs from familiar faces. 

"We started when he was about this big and this year he's grown a ton," said host family member Lisa Mendes.

The fresh air fund organization gives kids from the big city an opportunity stay with host families across Delmarva and spend their summer enjoying all the outdoor adventures the eastern shore has to offer.

"I think our family gets as much out of it as he does. He gives us all an opportunity to spend time together we go to the beach take him to the pool, take him on the boat," said host family member Mike Mendes.

For some it was their first time leaving home while others returned to visit the host families they've known for years. Who've become a such a huge part of their lives.

"He means a lot he's a special special boy," said Lisa.

"We've developed a relationship over the years so we've been to New York to see Brandon there," said Lane.

For the past 140 years the organization's mission has been to provide children with a much needed break from the city streets. This summer host families in Berlin, Milton, and other parts of the eastern shore are opening up their homes to help reach that goal.

"I enjoy coming back each summer, relaxing here because sometimes I get tired of New York since there's not a lot of positivity there," said program attendee Brandon Berry.

And while these kids are getting the opportunity of a life time they're changing local families lives as well.

"Probably the thing that stands out most in my mind is the fact the families seem to enjoy and learn more than the actual city child that we're learning from these children," said Fresh Air Fund representative Shirley Weisel.

If you missed out on becoming a host family, members are always looking for 20-19 volunteers. If you are interested in joining the program you can head to their website here:




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