Delaware National Guard opens $12 million state-of-the-art facility for military vehicles

"They're going to have a great place to work and a great shop to train and learn their skills and practice," said adjutant general Carol Timmons.

On Friday, members of the national guard, veterans, state officials, and more celebrated the opening of a $12 million state-of-the-art Vehicle Maintenance Shop in Dagsboro that will be used to maintain and repair all military vehicles. 

"This building is designed for at least 25 years we expect at least 25 years on it but don't be surprised if 40 years from now this building is still here," said the director of facilities Col. Fred Coast.

Officials say the multi-million dollar renovation was needed because the building was already close to 50 years old and in terrible condition. 

"When you're looking at the heating and ventilation systems when you're looking at leaky walls and roofs things that fall apart on buildings over time even the best you maintain it things fall apart over time so when you get something like this it's very refreshing," said Coast.

The new facility features the most up to date equipment and maintenance bays making it an ideal place for guard mechanics to work to provide the top vehicle services for the national guard.

"It's good for the soldiers and now they have a good current equipment room to work," said Timmons.

"If you look around the shop here you're going to see some state of the art things you're going to see the lube stations on the walls you're not lugging around a 5,10,20 gallon bucket," said Coast.

Military officials also say the new facility will play a crucial role for the safety of residents in Sussex County.

"During snowstorms, floods, hurricanes it's possible that our fellow citizens and neighbors who live on the coast and here in Sussex county, might have to get moved somewhere so this is a great spot to have move people house equipment house house people set up a medical facility," said Timmons.

Officials also tell 47 that they have plans to continue to renovate vehicle maintenance shops across the first state and their next mission is in New Castle County where they plan to have that finished in the next two years.

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