Delaware cancer mortality rates continue to decrease

Delaware is seeing a decrease in the number of people dying from this disease.

As reported, the state saw a 12% fall from 2004 to 2014. 

To break it down further, it fell 15% among men and 9% among women. 

But you're probably wondering what caused all these numbers to drop.

It's actually a combination of things. First, the Division of Public Health told us that technology has gotten better at identifying cancers. Plus, they've received better screenings which detect cancer sooner. Beyond that, the message to get checked has become more widespread and the access to healthcare is becoming more accessible.

They're hoping that the progress doesn't stop there.

Cancer epidemiologist Zeinab Baba tells us, "I think better screening methods are definitely one. The more precise for screening methods definitely help. Getting people to adopt healthier lifestyles and preventing cancer as well and our treatment, improving treatment in treating cancer."

Among the 23 cancers detected, Delaware's biggest killer is lung cancer. 85-90% of lung cancers are caused by tobacco use. 

DPH is pushing for smokers to try to put an end to the habit. 

Officials also say that there's still much more work to be done regarding specific cancer types. 

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