Worcester County approves budget, taxes remain the same

Good news for residents in Worcester County, income taxes and property taxes won't be increasing next year.

This comes after the Worcester County Commissioners approved a $190 million budget for fiscal year 2019 with a six to one vote.

It's a budget that keeps taxes at the same rate while increasing salaries for county employees, even teachers.

Most full-time employees will see about a two and a half percent raise next year. A salary increase should ease concerns that the county is struggling to fill openings and keep employees.

Chief Administrative Officer Harold Higgins tells 47 ABC, "As the county continues to address more and more concerns about services and growing services, again public safety. We all know what's happening at the schools and with the opioid conditions, so there are pressures on government services and expenditures that we have to address also, which means having the right employees in the right jobs to do the right kind of things."

The Worcester County Board of Education will see an over 2.2 million dollar increase from last year's budget. Money that will go towards increasing teacher's salaries and the growing number of students.

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