Voter turn out for the Primary Elections in Dorchester County

Without voters going to the polls, none of the election results would be possible.

Many argue that this election, the primary is more important than what happens next. But in Maryland and across the country, voters don't seem to feel the same way.  

History tells us that the number of votes cast in a primary are lower than the general election. 

Gwendolyn Dales, the Director of the Dorchester County Board of Elections says, "I think the Primary Election, a lot of people forget there is an election and its summer, schools out, and people are on vacation. Having a June election ruins that momentum; people equate November with an election."

There are 21,380 active registered voters in Dorchester County. And overall, they tend to see a 25% turn out. At 11 o'clock in the morning, there was a 10% turn out. As of four o'clock, the polling places were seeing 15%. 

But despite the Primary Elections being over, voters will have one more chance to be heard in November. 

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