Volunteers help build rain gardens to keep Choptank River clean in Cambridge

Volunteers in Cambridge have been working tirelessly to keep the Chesapeake Bay Clean by planting rain gardens and conservation landscaping projects throughout the area.

"Part of a program that was funded by national Fish and Wildlife foundation to work with residents on different ways that we can help to reduce the amount of runoff that comes off our properties and enters right into our Choptank River," said Choptank River Keeper Matt Pluta.

Organizers of the rain garden project say the program is crucial to maintaining the health of their local waterways.

"When we have a lot of rain like that we get a lot of inputs coming off of our land and as a result we've had to cancel different events down on the water because of bacteria levels, we've had different instances of algae growth and different things that are going on in the water that doesn't make it good for swimming and using the river," said Pluta.

And officials hope to continue this program for many more years to come.

"Our hope is that by doing a few of these we can get enough interest that we can go back to some of these funders and try to get some more funding to keep doing more projects like this," said Pluta.

For anyone interested in volunteering, Thursday will be the last planting day for these projects.
You can reach out to https://www.shorerivers.org/ in Easton, for more information.


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