UPDATE: Woman pleads not guilty to animal cruelty charges in Wicomico Co.

A woman who is facing over 60 felony and misdemeanor charges has pleaded not guilty after authorities say dead horses were found on her Wicomico County property earlier this year. 

Online Wicomico County Court records show that Barbara Pilchard pleaded not guilty to 64 animal cruelty charges on Monday. Pilchard was charged in connection to a March 2018 investigation when authorities say they found at least 25 dead horses at her Cherry Walk Road property, in Hebron. 

In regard to the discovery, Sheriff Mike Lewis says, " I'm shocked at what I saw. I was absolutely appalled at the living conditions, not just of the horses and the animals, but also the homeowners. I'm shocked that anyone could live like that." 

47ABC found that Pilchard was previously charged in an incident back in 1995, but was never prosecuted in that case. Law enforcement confirmed that they responded to allegations of animal cruelty at the same Hebron address back in 2014. 

A trial date has not yet been set for this case.

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