UPDATE: Rehoboth Beach wastewater ocean outfall running

The Wastewater Ocean Outfall is now up and running, according to an announcement made by the Rehoboth Beach City Manager on June 4. 

The city was issued a court order to stop dumping waste into the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal almost four years ago. 

And with the new additon of the Wastewater Ocean Outfall about 7 million gallons of that water goes into the ocean. 

"It's a new station for a final discharge," said the Wastewater Superintendent, Bob Stenger. 

"We used to have a canal discharge and now we have an ocean outfall, so the upgrade was the installation of the pump station for the ocean outfall," said Stenger. 

According to officials, the 52.5 million dollar project includes a massive 6,000 foot pipe that stretches 50 feet below the ocean and infiltration systems that help clean the water. 

"With the upgrade we installed two new clarifiers, two new filtration units and the pump station that pumps the effluent to the ocean," said Stenger. 

Officials also say the bacteria – enterococcus – from the wastewater needs to be at a less than 10 count before it's released into the ocean. 

"We chlorinate our effluent in a similar manner that someone may chlorinate a pool to inactivate those bacteria so it's been treated," he said. 

Officials say there is still some work to be done with the renovations of some piping areas at the wastewater treatment plant. 

A ribbon cutting ceremony is expected to take place on Friday to celebrate the completion of the outfall project. 

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