UPDATE: Additional funding announced for Ocean City inlet

The Ocean City inlet could get dredged again this year thanks to new funding from Congress. 

This week the Federal Army Corps of Engineers announced that they received an additional 500,000 dollars for the dredging, which essentially triples the money originally allocated for occasional dredging at the navigation channel.

According to officials, the Army Corps of Engineers already had 250,000 dollars of funding included in their 2018 budget. 

The new additional funding will help ensure maintenance dredging to be carried by the Army Corps throughout the next year. 

"What this is going to do is that it's going to allow us to carry out more dredging over the course of next year," said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Spokesperson, Chris Gardner. 

The inlet has become a major problem for large vessels that try to pass through shallow areas. 

The dredging will not only help the commercial harbor, but also the ecosystem restoration of Assateague Island that will receive deposited material from the dredging. 

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