Teens gain hands-on experience through summer work program

Students get their hard hats before going out on the job. 

While many students will spend their summer break at the beach, there's a group in Salisbury devoting their summer to not only earn a little cash, but also a whole lot of life experience.

Deshaun Johnson, a student in the program said, "I feel like its going to open new opportunities for us."

Johnson's goal is to eventually go to college and earn a degree in engineering.

For him and many others in the 10-week long program, they'll get prepared to do so much more than just career training.

Jeanie Loyd, Dir. Human Resources for the City Council said, "It's always important to start young, to think forward you've got to have a job in order to buy those little extra things."

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day promises to give a letter of recommendation to each one of the program's participants.

"We learn about Salisbury's best and brightest and give them an opportunity," Day said.

The mayor hopes that the program will encourage students to gain skills, come back and work for the city.

"It's even been a recruiting tool for us," Day said.

Day tells us even after they've graduated the program he'll still do whatever it takes to help them get into college or get a job.

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