Tariffs could hurt VA farming industry

The newly imposed tariffs are starting to threaten the livelihoods of farmers.

President Trump imposed tariffs on aluminum and steel  that include our closest trading partners, Canada, Mexico, and the EU.

Those partners and others have threatened to retaliate with tariffs of their own on hundreds of American goods and products.

Virginia's U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine says if they follow through on these sanctions, it could drastically hurt the Virginia farming industry.

"These actions are painful even in the aluminum and steel sector but when other nations then decide to retaliate, they're retaliate against agriculture and they are hitting Virginia very hard. That top industry sector soy beans, chicken, apples, pork these are important industries in Virginia that are now being hurt," explains Sen. Kaine.

 Kaine adds that consumers could also feel the effect of this possible trade war if these tariffs continue Americans could see a lot of price hikes and not just for produce but other goods too.

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