Strawberries hard to come by at local farmers’ market

When you make a trip to the Cambridge Farmers' Market, you expect to stock up on delicious and nutritious produce.

"Buying the produce as close to where it was produced as possible so that it tastes completely different than a grocery store," says one customer.
Peaches, asparagus, lettuce, even squash all on display but this year there's one thing missing.

"I was really disappointed to see there wasn't a single strawberry to be had."

People's favorite sunny weather fruit is no longer on the stands due to the heavy rain we saw here on the shore.

Annie Harris from Harris Farms in Preston says, "The rains been pretty bad this year actually, it just kept falling and falling. Our strawberries before they were even ready to get picked before they even ripened all the way, they actually got a lot of rotten spots on them and it really destroyed the crops."

A huge loss in revenue for local strawberry growers, especially Harris Farms.

"We actually didn't even get to do a U-Pick this year since the strawberries weren't that good and we usually get a lot of money from that so it really hurt us there."

Despite the loss crops, people are still enjoying the fruits and vegetables that did survive the rain.

"They certainly are one of my favorites they would have been perfect on my cheesecake, but luckily there were some ripe peaches so I'm going to be alright," says one customer.

And Harris Farms is ready to put the loss behind them and focus on their next round of local products.

Harris explains, "We will have peaches all throughout August and then we will eventually get blueberries and cherries in and we will have corn and watermelon and cantaloupes that'll be the beginning of July."

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