Salisbury veterinarian breaks down what to expect from the dog flu

 Lately, there's been dogs getting severely sick due to the dog flu.

A veterinarian in Salisbury tells 47 ABC that there are two main strains. But it's the newest one called the H3N2 that they are worried about. 

Some symptoms to look out for: fever, poor appetite, nasal or eye discharge, coughing or even sneezing.  

They haven't seen too many cases just yet but since we're close to a touristy town such as Ocean City, we could be at risk. 

Dr. Shari Rayne from Winter Place Animal Hospital says, "The larger group of animals that are around it and coming in and out of a place and are grouped together, the more likely you are going to get spread of any disease."

Currently, there are 39 states with the second strain. We're told there could be an outbreak at any moment. 

You should isolate your dog from other pets because the flu can mutate quickly. 

There are vaccines available for both strains but just like any other vaccine, it will reduce the chance of getting the disease but it won't prevent it completely. 

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