Salisbury residents take part in inaugural Juneteenth celebration

"We're celebrating. We're celebrating history. American History. African American History," said performer Jeremy Bowers.

On Saturday Salisbury residents came together to celebrate the date of June 19, 1865, a date that signified the end of Slavery in Texas and throughout the former Confederacy of the Southern United States. A date otherwise known as Juneteenth.

"We wanted to put on a festival to commemorate Juneteenth which is basically black independence day where it commemorates the emancipation proclamation and the day that slaves were free," said event organizer Amber Green.

Put on by the Chipman Cultural Center, residents enjoyed the inaugural event with musical performances, activities, and fun for all. While also remembering the importance of the date.

"We wanted to bring it back, we wanted to bring culture back especially with the different topics that are happening in society right now we wanted to get the youth and different young artists involved with the festival  and kind of wake up an old culture," said Green.

"When I think of Juneteenth I think of how we've come a long way as African Americans. Though we have a long way to go I feel like it's important for me and for us as a people to acknowledge it," said Bowers.

And event organizers say this holiday should continue to be celebrated for years to come.

"We acknowledge this holiday and we acknowledge how important this day is because not just one group of Americans were freed but all of Americans are free. It is my independence day as a black woman, as well as it's just important for the community to understand this historical day," said Green.

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