Salisbury PD offer safety tips for parents after man allegedly tried to lure children into truck

Now that school is out,l more and more kids will be spending their time outside with less adult supervision.
That's why officials are warning parents to keep an eye on their children to make sure they stay away from strangers. The Salisbury police department is offering safety tips for parents this summer after an incident occurred in the area where witnesses say a man was attempting to lure children in his car. Now, officials are giving out advice for parents and kids to make sure they have a fun, safe summer while avoiding these dangerous situations.

"They need to make them aware of stranger danger. Just because some has a cute dog or a cute cat or any other kind of pet, or if they have candy, doesn't mean they're not a stranger. There's still all those dangers that go along with that. So the best thing is tell kids, 'hey if you have friends, and you're walking in the neighborhood, walk with your friend,s don't speak to strangers don't listen to people if they say hey I know your mom'," said Lieutenant for the Salisbury Police Department Ryan Koerner.

Officials add that if you do see suspicious activity in your neighborhood to call your local police department right away.


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