Residents look for more transparency from candidates

Ocean Pines residents attended a forum for candidates for their Board of Directors Wednesday night at the Yacht Club.

Residents listened in to six of the seven candidates for Board of Directors, who discussed some of the topics important to them.

We spoke with residents who listed fiscal responsibility and transparency from the Ocean Pines Association as top concerns, as they look to decide who will fill the seats in government.

"It's important we know what's going on, we know what the rules are, we know what the laws are that govern it, and in addition it's about the finances," said Ocean Pines resident Michael Castoro.  "What is the money being spent on.  Is it being spent wisely and how is it being controlled."

Three seats are up for grabs, and there is a chance there will be a second forum on July 14.  The deadline to submit ballots is August 8.

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