Report: Maryland storm surges affect thousands of homes

A recent 2018 CoreLogic Storm Surge report shows that over 125 thousand Maryland homes are vulnerable to storm surges, including the Eastern Shore. 

According to the report, the homes are at risk of moderate to extreme damage, and this could potentially cost the state more than 28 billion dollars. 

According to officials, there are more than 3,000 people in Wicomico County who are mostly affected, especially those located near the Wicomico River and Nanticoke River. 

"Storm surge can cause our storm water management systems to back because the water has no place to go," said the Wicomico County Emergency Services Director, David Shipley.

"The storm surge now means we're going above high tide and storm systems would be blocked, and we've seen that happens in particular in places like Germania Circle and Canal Woods where that's what happens," said Shipley. 

According to Shipley, Wicomico County lost more than 360,000 dollars due to the storm surges caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 

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