Rehoboth Beach boardwalk wall brings community together

With every brush of paint, children from the Rehoboth Beach Boys and Girls Club are bringing the Stuart Kingston Gallery back to life after a nasty storm forced the city to construct a wall at the front of the store. 

"Having this wall has dramatically affected my business," said the Owner of Stuart Kingston Gallery, Mauria Stein. 

"This wall stops people from coming into my store so I thought what better way to try something with the community and to get people into my store than to reach out to the boys and girls club," said Stein.

Nearly 20 kids got together to paint the six-foot wall. Some of them painted jewelry, furniture and dogs, things that show what is inside the store.

"When they found out we were going to the boardwalk of course they got excited and then to get away from the club that was also creating an exciting environment for them," said the Rehoboth Beach Boys and Girls Club Director, Demaris Miller.

According to Stein, the wall will stand for about two more weeks. In the meantime, Stein hopes that the wall will catch people's attention and help her sales. 

"I walked by and immediately I was like what's going on over there," said Danielle Walker, a boardwalk visitor. 

"This is so cute, and I've read all the signs and the construction of stuff coming to be, and this is a really cute idea and just to involve the kids is awesome," said Walker.

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