Proposed ban on certain semi-automatic weapons failed in Delaware

Senate Bill 163 drew in a large crowd Tuesday, as many community members gathered to hear if it would pass. 

This bill would ban certain semi-automatic weapons. 

The measure failed to clear a Senate Committee but the Senate President put the bill on Tuesday's Senate agenda. 

There was a motion to suspend Senate rules to consider the measure but it failed. 

Nine voted yes and 10 voted no. Activists outside the Chamber were screaming and rejoicing.        

Senator Bryan Townsend says this act is based on the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 passed in Maryland in the wake of Sandy Hook. 

After the vote came through, Senator Townsend made a speech. In that speech he said, "For many reasons SB 163 deserves a debate this year and it will not receive one. It's a disservice to Delawareans of all sides of legislation." 

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