Officials share their plans for Race Street as buildings are demolished

Race Street Demo in Cambridge

Changes are coming to the 500 block of Race Street in Cambridge. Thursday, the city started demolishing some of the abandoned buildings there, after the building's walls partially collapsed last week.

The city says Thursday's construction prevents any possible public safety concerns in the future. Workers used sledgehammers instead of larger equipment because officials were unsure of how the actual structure was built, and they didn't want to cause any more damage. They also wanted to set aside any historic architectural materials that can be reused for future projects in the area.

"Eventually what we hope is that the city along with a bunch of non-profits, small businesses, and government partners can sit down and really figure out a future use for this property," said Brandon Hesson, Associate Director for Economic Development in Cambridge.

The city says they hope this construction will allow them to reopen to road and that crews will continue to demolish the back of the building next week.

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