Office of Highway Safety and beach towns create safety measures for 4th of July

This year's Independence Day falls on a Wednesday but the festivities kick off this weekend, which means that law enforcement and beach towns have to prepare for two weekends of celebrations. 

It also means that partnerships with ride sharing companies could be more important than ever before. 

Delaware's Office of Highway Safety and Lyft have locked arms to hand out $15 vouchers in Bethany and Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, and Fenwick. They have 633 codes available. All you have to do is text "soberlift" to 99000. 

Jana Simpler, the Director of Office of Highway Safety says, "We know that July fourth will be a heavy party time but we know the weekend before and the weekend after, when folks are coming down to the resort areas to have a good time probably extending their vacation time for the full week, so we wanted to make sure the promotional codes were available all week to them."

But beach towns aren't stopping there with their safety measures since drinking and driving has been far too common around coastal areas.

Delaware State Police says they are stepping up their forces and having more patrol on the roadways. 

In 2017, there were almost 4,000 DUI arrests in the first state. Of those, 23 were fatalities. 

Dewey Beach, T.J. Redefer says, "We will not tolerate people that are going to drive intoxicated, so in all of the beach towns up and down the coast, so it's very important that people think about safety first."

The vouchers will start June 30 at 4 P.M. and will go through July 7th. 

We're told if this initiative runs smoothly, they'll expand to the rest of the state for programs just like this. 

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