OC Municipal Airport moves forward with wetlands mitigation project

Officials in Ocean City are doing what they can to make the runways at the municipal airport safer.

We're told their wetlands mitigation project will take down some trees in order to improve their over run, so that if something were to happen when landing, planes will now have more room.

We’re told the town council just approved a $1.4 million project to contract with private owners to create new non-tidal wetlands in a nearby property for environmental needs to replace the area where they will remove trees. 

OC Councilman, Wayne Hartman says, "We were able to mitigate some of that within our own property at the airport but some of that we had to reach out to do a project offsite and that's what we approved for that project."

They will remove dirt on the contracted property to make a bigger wetland area. The design for the over run will take place next year. 

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