New Dover Bridge in Easton finally open

Caroline and Talbot counties are finally getting some much needed traffic relief the Dover Bridge in Easton is finally open, something they've been waiting for for decades.

Believe it or not, this bridge is an important inter-county connector for both counties. On average, there's about 12,000 cars that drive across the bridge everyday.

But for the past three and a half years that drive was riddled with construction.

It's much-needed work after the nearly 80-year-old swing bridge kept experiencing issues that would cause congestion in the area, especially for first responders.

"We don't have a hospital in the county in Caroline County so our patients or our taxpayers are transported to Easton and from this end of the county this is the route to go so if they are not able to get across this bridge because it's not operating properly they have to turn around," explains Caroline County Commissioner Larry Porter.

SHA Spokesperson Bob Rager tells 47 ABC that this project cost $64 million to complete, but it's a project that will bring much needed relief to motorists in the Preston and Denton areas.

Unfortunately, it's not completely done just yet, there will be some closures coming so they can finish paving the bridge come July.


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