MD suspends retired state employee prescription plans

A new Maryland law has gotten rid of state retiree prescription drug plans.

Maryland retirees who are Medicare eligible now have to find their own prescription drug plan before January 1st, 2019.

It's something many retirees weren't ever expecting to have to do and that's why the MAC Center is trying to make sure no one is left in the dark without coverage.

There's still a lot of questions on how this will affect people's pocketbooks, but it most likely will come with both good and bad news.

"Some folks might actually benefit from this maybe they don't take a whole lot of drugs and they've been paying a certain amount to the state so they may find a plan cheaper than that and they may be happy. But others aren't going to be happy because they take some really expensive drugs and they are going to have to kick in a little more of the cost percentage," explains Michelle Parker, SHIP Coordinator at the MAC Center.

The Center will be holding information sessions on this new law and how to find a prescription plan that works best for you in the coming weeks and months, the first happening June 4th.


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