McNesby Bill provides lift to providers for disabled adults

One bill passed in Delaware will provide a big financial lift to the people who help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The McNesby Bill, named after Michael McNesby, a man born with Down Syndrome who died in late March.

Providers had been getting paid 75 percent of market value according to a report from 2014, and this act mandates that service providers receive 100 percent of market value by 2021.

"It's very important to our disability community that we provide the proper funding for our service providers.  So the act was to provide the whole nine as they were calling it," said Sen. Jack Walsh of District 9.  "We provide the nine million dollars that they were looking for to our survivors that service our disabled disability community."

For the 2018-19 fiscal year, the bill calls for $9 million for programs for adults with disabilities.

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