Maryland professor introduces college credit programs on cannabis to Eastern Shore

College students are looking for jobs in the cannabis industry and because of that there's a growing belief that they should be learning about the employment opportunities that exist.

"I think there's a tremendous amount of opportunity for folks here in the State of Maryland to get involved in this industry," said Professor Shad Ewart from the Anne Arundel Community College.

"The problem is that there is no credit option for people to enter in the entry-level positions," said Ewart. 

Professor Shad Ewart started a college credit program at the Anne Arundel Community College for entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry, and he believes more colleges should do the same. 

Those in the field already say having those course would provide students a leg up. 

"It's actually really important work that's being done right now for us as we're expanding at a very rapid pace bringing on new folks," said the CEO of Peninsula Alternative Health, Anthony Darby.

"There's not a centralized place where folks can go and get education on medical cannabis," said Darby. 

47 ABC reached out to Salisbury University to see how they felt about adding a cannabis program. 

The Salisbury University Interim Provost Dr. Karen Olmstead said in an email, "Campus leadership, under guidance from the University System of Maryland, has been told to not engage in quality control or other aspects of medical marijuana production until the implications under federal law are more clear."

For Ewart, he believes legalization will happen sooner than later. 

"I think the job creation and the economic development are so powerful that that's what's going to move us towards eventually federally legalization and then those issues would disappear," said Ewart. 

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