Mako Mania setting the tone for tournament season

This weekend dozens of fisherman have been reeling in sharks for the annual Mako Mania tournament.

It's been 22 years for Mako Mania and over the years, they've reeled in some big catches.

"The biggest that we've had here was about 735lbs., that was several years ago," says Shawn Harman, owner of Mako Mania.

The annual event caters to not just any kind of fish lover, but to those who love sharks.

Some even say the kids enjoy the tournament the most.

Frequent visitor Crystal Twilley says,"Oh yea bring em. It's so much excitement. They keep their eyes on everything that goes on. They cut the fish they show all the shark teeth. They have all the jaws they show."

Back in 1996, Captain Steve Harman created Mako Mania to allow fishermen the opportunity to catch what is most popular during this time of the year.

But now that his brother, Shawn has taken over, he tells 47ABC it's become more of a block party of fisherman.

Now, you maybe wondering if the sharks can harm you while visiting the beach.

We're told sharks have been in Ocean City's waters for years and that most are pretty far away from shore.

"Any where from, it's between 20 from the inlet. So it's from 20 to 100 miles out," says Harman.

However, you should never get in the water without a life guard present and you should stay close to shore as a precaution.

Mako Mania is a three day event on 22nd Street in Ocean City . If weather permits, it will continue on June 3rd. Weigh in begins at 3:30 p.m. and ends at 7:30 p.m.


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