Mako Mania boaters kept at bay due to weather

Mako Mania, the three-day fishing tournament that signals the kick off for tournament season in Ocean City, has felt the effects of all the recent wet weather.

Because of the forecasts, most of the 37 boats and 176 anglers completed their fishing Friday and Saturday.

In fact only one boat was scheduled to go out today to try their luck.

We're told the first place Mako right now is 200.9 pounds, while the first place Thresher is 644 pounds, which may turn out to be a state record.

"The fishermen fished on Friday or Saturday because its a two out of three format. We think we know what's going to go on, there's one boat eligible to fish today and they have not called out so we'll still stay here until 7:30 tonight," said owner Shawn Harman.

The official results and winners of the tournament will be announced later Sunday.  The prize pool is $88,000, to be divided up among four categories.

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