Made On Delmarva: Real Raw Organics

Logan Willey, is the owner and kombucha brewer at Real Raw Organics.

"Kombucha is fermented tea, like at it's very easiest basis," says Willey.

The fruity drink has a slightly vinegary kick.

"I've gotten lot of faces of course of people getting shocked by that initial reaction," says Willey.

Willey decided to drink kombucha to take advantage of it's health benefits.

"It really helps with your digestive system and detoxify your liver,  and speed up your metabolism. Everybody has different reasons why they drink it, the probiotic content is the number one reason that I found," says Willey.

However buying it often got expensive, so she decided to brew it herself.

"I started bringing this to Zenna Wellness in Berlin, and Chrissy which is one of my really good friends said you have to get this stuff in bottles," says Willey.

In just a few years of brewing kombucha, she's already seeing the fruits of her labor.

"We went from having four different  grocers to now a couple in Western Maryland,  mostly all over the Eastern Shore and a little bit into Rehoboth, Lewes, Bethany."

Logan tells us she likes to experiment with different fruits and spices to create all kinds of flavor.

47 ABC got to see how she brews a batch. Logan begins with a black tea base  known as 'starter tea'.
Willey pours sugar into the tea.

Then goes the kombucha SCOBY, which is an acronym  for 'symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast'. Or more simply, the live bacteria that helps with digestion.

The tea is then covered with a cloth  so the yeast can work it's magic.

"It's going to start eating the sugar from the tea…this will sit here for 10-8  days," says Willey.

Throughout the process, Willey checks on the pH level or acidity of the kombucha. This lets her know when it's ready for a second fermentation.

Once the kombucha reaches the correct pH level, it gets a splash of fresh fruity goodness.

"There is a lot of different ways to create flavors, there is fresh fruit juices, different concentrates," says Willey.

The kombucha sits for one to two days to soak up the flavor, and then it's ready to drink.

Time to detox!

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